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isn’t Katherine a Doppelgänger as well? I could swear I saw her drink from a blood bag before

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    Hmm, I still think she meant all of them. The witches, the vampires and her so called friends. The way she said that...
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    I took the ‘pushed around’ to be referring to the other witches dictating her actions. What Bonnie did in the season 3...
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    Dude, really need all that crap Delena to happen? Honestly, JP can not create a storyline more believable and...
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    I dunno, i don’t see why blood bags wouldn’t work, she has to be able to keep it down somehow.
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    I still think it was valid coz Elena needed a fresh blood a.k.a from a real pumping vein and not the one that’s detached...
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    As soon as I heard this crap I was shaking my head. I mean really? It’s fiction, so you can do a lot. But you reach a...
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    THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING OH MY GOD!julie needs to get her shit together
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